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Buty ICON SUPERDUTY 5 RIDING SHOES BLACKDetail SUPERDUTY 5™ BOOT The 5th generation of the iconic SUPERDUTY 5™ Boot leads the way for urban riding gear. We revamped our most popular boot into a sleek, athletic silhouette. The upper is comprised of TECTUFF® coated leather with incredible abrasion-resistant properties. Internally we've revamped the structure, forgoing the steel shank for an engineered lashing board, which provides full-foot reinforcement while still remaining comfortable. The SD5 includes D3O® ankle insert. The visually-defining rubber nub interface, hidden ghillie laces, and mid-foot support strap - all straples of the Superduty legacy - provide a sure and secure fit. Five generations in, we continue to step up the moto footwear game. Tested and Certified According to Standard - EN 13634:2015 TECTUFF® Coated Leather Upper D3O® Ankle Inserts, Engineered Lasting Board, Mid-Foot Retention Strap, Shifter InterfaceCzas realizacji okolo 5 dni. ...

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